Cocoa Paper thanks ACIAR

We would like to thank the ACIAR* Aquaculture Program in Indonesia for their support through the purchase of cocoa paper note books. These note books were fully customized to meet ACIAR's needs for their April 2012 Aquaculture Conference.

All cocoa paper products may be customized using your graphics and logo's. Please contact us at for more information.


*ACIAR (Australian Centre for Agricultural Research)

April 17, 2012 by Cocoa Paper

Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine your life without Chocolate? 

Yes this is a very real possibility in the near future. Cocoa is rapidly declining worldwide largely due to pests destroying the cocoa beans and diseases killing the tree itself. 

A world without cocoa is not a pretty picture.

If the current situation continues, it is believed that cocoa will become so expensive only those with deep pockets will be able to afford to buy it. 

Following that, cocoa will disappear. With unproductive cocoa trees riddled with pests and dying from diseases, farmers will have no choice but to replace cocoa with other crops, such as maize (corn), in order to survive. 

While many companies, governments and organizations are working hard to prevent this grim future, it is our responsibility as cocoa and chocolate consumers to join in the fight for cocoa sustainability. Keep Cocoa Here! 


How can YOU join in the fight for cocoa? Simply by choosing to use Cocoa Paper products for your home and office stationery supplies. Every sheet of cocoa paper sold directly benefits cocoa farmers and contributes to cocoa sustainability by teaching farmers how to better manage their cocoa trees. 

When cocoa is gone will you regret not acting when you had the chance?


April 11, 2012 by Cocoa Paper

The Chocolate Cult - Part 1

Wow! Cocoa Paper is excited to have been reviewed by The Chocolate Cult.


The Chocolate Cult is a group of volunteers dedicated to the exploration and ecstasy of chocolate. Each week, the Chocolate Priestess leads the "Saturday Sacraments" by taking readers through the experiece of one type of chocolate or cocoa related product.

To read The Chocolate Cult's review of Cocoa Paper please click on the below picture.


Featured on The Chocolate Cult

Cocoa Paper would like to thank the team at The Chocolate Cult for your honest feedback and thoughts on our products! 

April 01, 2012 by Cocoa Paper

Cocoa Pod Borer

Attention all Cocoa Lovers......Have you seen this moth before? 

Cocoa Pod Borer is responsible for the destruction of more than 40% of cocoa each year in Indonesia!

Healthy cocoa covered in a sweet white pulp quickly turns to brown rotten looking beans that are not suitable for us humans to eat.

Just look what happens!!

Pruning IS an essential activity to help control this pest. 

Say NO to cocoa pod borer and YES to sustainable cocoa.

Help us encourage more farmers to prune to help rid their farms of this nasty pest by purchasing any cocoa paper products today.

March 14, 2012 by Cocoa Paper

The Future of Cocoa

Did you know that routine pruning is the most important thing that a cocoa farmer can do to control pests and diseases that affect our beloved cocoa trees? 

It is estimated that, in Indonesia, 40% of the potential crop each year is lost due to Cocoa Pod Borer attack lone. Cocoa Pod Borer is a moth that that lays its eggs on the surface of cocoa pods. When the Cocoa Pod Borer larvae hatch, they bore their way into the pod and eat the precious fruit, destroying the placenta and causing massive damage to the cocoa seeds 

Cocoa Pod Borer likes to live under the leaves of the cocoa tree where it is cooler and shaded. By pruning to increase light penetration the farmer can make the habitat less attractive to the moth and significantly reduce its impact on his livelihood. Good soil maintenance, fertilizing and frequent harvesting are also important control factors.

VSD, Vascular Streak Dieback, is a nasty fungus that attacks the circulatory system on the cocoa tree and can result in the death of the tree. Pruning is also an essential activity to control the impact of this disease by removing infected branches and reducing the overlap of the canopy of adjacent trees.

Community Solutions International encourages farmers to prune and buys the pruning waste to make Cocoa Paper.

To read more about the Future of Cocoa, there is an interesting article written By Harold Schmitz and Howard-Yana Shapiro, two world renowned scientists and friends of Cocoa Paper. 

To read more on the future of cocoa- click here. 


*PT. Community Solutions International encourages farmers to prune and buys the pruning 
waste to make Cocoa Paper.


Support cocoa sustainability by purchasing cocoa paper products today!

February 22, 2012 by Cocoa Paper

Making Cocoa Paper - "From Pulp To Paper"

It's true, cocoa paper is made by hand using traditional methods.

A team of 6 make an astounding 40,000 sheets of cocoa paper a month! We have many more skilled paper makers eagerly waiting to join our team. The more paper we sell, the more people we can employ so help us spread the word today.

Watch this short video to learn how cocoa paper is made. 


 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or through the contact page. Have a great day!

February 13, 2012 by Kate Janetski

Cocoa Paper now online!

The wait is over, Cocoa Paper is now online! 

We are excited to bring you a beautiful range of handmade stationery for your personal and corporate needs.

If you care about cocoa, chocolate, helping people or just love beautiful stationery then this is the perfect shop for you.



How Cocoa Paper Helps: 

  • Cocoa Farmers are trained to prune their cocoa trees and rewarded by selling waste bark. 
  • What was previously waste is now as source of additional income. Particularly to women. 
  • Cocoa bark fibre is blended with recycled white paper to produce a handmade paper using tratitional paper making methods. 
  • Stationery products are handmade in "home industry" style production systems emplyoing local people. 


    We hope you enjoy browsing through our store and please contact us if you have any questions.



    February 05, 2012 by Cocoa Paper